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Co-Brand Solution Overview


• OmniTel is the value-added services division of Omni-Digital. Omni-Digital is the South African distributor for Lenovo products which include notebooks and tablets.

• OmniTel is headed by Lance Terner who was previously CEO of Branded Internet. Branded Internet was a market leader in co-branded Internet Service Provider offerings. Their clients included Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply, Incredible Connection and Edgars Club amongst 300 others.

• OmniTel have a wholesale agreement with MTN for bulk services (MVNO services). Using this we bundle our SIM cards and Data with Lenovo products distributed throughout the country.

• Customers sign up to OmniTel using our own customer billing and management platform where they can manage their own accounts and buy top-ups amongst other things.

• OmniTel provide a full helpdesk where customer support is managed for our co-brand partners.



• OmniTel see an opportunity in partnering with leading retail and loyalty brands to offer their customers and members very well-priced cellular services, with excellent returns.

• Using these services can see customers enjoying significant savings on ongoing airtime & data costs.

• We believe an OmniTel co-branded cellular product offering provides customers with the greatest value. By connecting it to retail or loyalty brands positions you to offer these services exclusively to your customers for a significantly lower cost and operational commitment than a traditional MVNO.


Operating Model

• Our product offering is suitable for any customer, covering all LSM levels.

• Our partnering operating model is based on shared interests in creating value for companies that we partner with, while at the same time creating shared value for their customers.

• OmniTel will provide and be responsible for all products, systems, platforms and support required to implement the co-branded cellular service. The brands we partner with will provide and be responsible for all marketing, promotion and related activity required to implement the co-branded cellular service.

• OmniTel will manage all subscriptions, airtime & data sales, top-ups and airtime voucher distribution.

• All products will be provided by OmniTel at a wholesale price. Our partners determine their own retail pricing per product. The profit made, the difference between the wholesale and retail pricing is then paid to our partner monthly.

• We have functionality which supports our partners with the ability to issue vouchers to their clients, for example as rewards or incentives. This is done through an API.

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