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I have a SIM card. How do I create my account and set it up?

To create your account and register your SIM you will need to have your RICA documents and SIM card ready and with you. If you have a free data voucher you should have that with you too. Once you’re ready to get going please visit and click on the “Register Your SIM Card” icon

What is RICA? Why must I do it?
RICA is a law passed by the South African government and stands for the Regulation of Interception of Communications and provision of communication‑related information Act. This law that requires ALL cellphone users to register their identity and proof of residence against their SIM cards. Our eRICA process is done entirely online, so you don’t need to go anywhere to do it. Click here for more information on our eRICA process.

Note: here – must be a link to the RICA page

I have a voucher for free data. Is it really free?
Yes, absolutely so. As long as you use your voucher code while signing up you will automatically receive your data at the beginning of every month.

What if I need more data than my free voucher gives me? What happens then?
As part of your registration we will set you up with an account on our Client Zone. You can log into the Client Zone to manage your account, check your usage levels and in this case, buy a Top-Up. You can buy a Top-Up for your account at any time and this gets added to your data allowance for the month.

Why do you want a bank card number from me? Isn’t this supposed to be free?
Your 500MB per is totally free. The reason we set up your account with a bank card is so that you can do a top-up very easily if you want one, by just logging in to the Client Zone and hitting the Top-Up button. If you never use a Top-Up, we guarantee your card will never get charged at all.

I want to manage my account, check my billing information or check my data balance. How do I do that?
All of that is done in our Client Zone. Please visit to log in.

I want to buy a Top-Up for my account. How do I do that?
You can buy Top-Ups in our Client Zone. Please visit to log in.

What is an APN? What should my APN setting be?
An APN is the gateway we use to connect you to the Internet. Your APN should be set to:

How do I know if I have coverage?
OmniTel is powered by the world class MTN network which has considerable coverage in all major cities, towns and national roads. Our network can provide LTE in all major cities, making sure you have the very best speed. To check your coverage please visit:
Select LTE on the right hand side and enter your address in the search box.


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