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Reseller Revenue Model

Key Technical Features:

- Fast, Quality Data– High speed, full LTE data throughput

- Backed by MTN - We use the MTN Radio Network as our backbone - Dedicated Bandwidth – We provide & manage our own Internet                                                bandwidth

Realtime eRICA Process

- DIY – Customers can RICA themselves in the comfort of your own               home

- Simple – Done entirely on a smartphone

- Fast – Can be completed in 5 minutes

- Sales – Removes pressure on dealer


Overcoming RICA Challenges

- No Agents – No need for RICA agents

- Everywhere – Covers the entire country

- Immediate – SIM activation is instantly

Key Customer Features

- Easy, Fast Activation – Registration, RICA & SIM Activation done in minutes

- Easy Top-ups – Top-up online

- Great Pricing – Great value with quality data at a reasonable price.

Designed For Dealers

- Ongoing Revenue Share– Dealers earn commission on ALL billing, including monthly subs and top-ups

- Fully Managed – OmniTel take care of full product management and billing

- Helpdesk – We do all the support. We provide customers (and Dealers) with the comprehensive product support

- Easy Sell – Quality product, Great price How Does It Work For Dealers?

- Automatic Allocation – Dealers have their own code to identify their users

- Lifetime Revenue – Dealers earn comm for as long as the customer remains

- Value-Add – Adds great value to deals

How can our resellers earn revenue?

Resellers that sell the range of Omnitel products receive ongoing commission over the full lifetime of the customer

As long as a customer continues to use the Omnitel service, the reseller that originally signed the customer up will continue to earn a commission

When a reseller signs up a customer, they make use of a unique customer sales code.


How is Commission earned?

  • Earn Commission from Signup

  • Resellers can earn a commission when the client signs

  • What is the commission earned for?

  • The commission is earned for any billing paid by the client, for example, monthly subscriptions or top-ups. (10% recurring revenue and 5% of the value of the router).

How Is Commission Earned

- Earn Commission From Signup – Resellers earn a commission when the client signs

- What Is Commission Earned For – Commission is earned for any retail billing paid by the client, For example, monthly subscriptions or topups

- What Is Excluded – Any Free or Bundled Data is specifically excluded. Any Topups bought on top of a Free voucher or Bundle will earn a commission.

Commission rates will be discussed in the contract.

Reseller Loyalty Card

Instant rand value Top-Ups, spend as you earn.

Loyalty Card
Register as a Reseller

Please fill in all of your business details and contact details

Once your Reseller registration has been processed and your account is activated, we will contact you.

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